Svetlana Cicmil

University of the West of England

Dr Svetlana Cicmil, BSc (Civ. Eng), MBA, PhD is a reader in global operations at Bristol Business School, University of the West of England, Bristol, United Kingdom. She also leads a research unit focusing on innovative strategies for managing complex projects and sustainable operations in the global economy. She has extensive experience in international teaching, consultancy, and industry and has published widely in the areas of complexity theory and sociology of project-based work, project management education, and development of project management skills. In collaboration with Damián Hodgson, she edited an influential book, Making Projects Critical [2006], drawing on a series of distinctive workshops with the same name. She is widely respected and has held a number of visiting posts internationally including professorships in Industrial Management at University of Vaasa, Finland and in Organisational Management at European Centre for Peace and Development (UN University for Peace) in Belgrade, Serbia.