Janice Thomas

Athabasca University

Janice Thomas is a professor in the Faculty of Business and Director of PMRI at Athabasca University in Canada. Her research builds on a practical foundation including 10 years spent as a Information Technology and Organizational Change project manager and 15 years of working with organizations to improve the practice of project management. Janice participated in the ground breaking Rethinking Project Management research project and has led four PMI sponsored research projects including the recently completed global study Researching the Value of Project Management. Her research interests include professional development of project managers, value generation through project management competency, complexity theory in relation to organizations and projects, and professionalization of knowledge workers. In 2010, Janice was honoured by the Project Management Institute which “recognizes and honors an individual who has significantly advanced the concepts, knowledge, and/or practices of project management through professionally conducted and authored project management research."