Terry Williams

University of Southampton

Terry is the Director of the Management School at the University of Southampton, UK. He first worked in Operational Research (OR) for 9 years at Engineering Consultants YARD, developing Project Risk Management (PRM) and acting as Risk Manager for major defence projects. He joined Strathclyde University in 1992 and became Professor of OR and Department Head. There he continued research/consultancy modelling the behaviour of major projects, both pre- and post-project. He was with a team supporting over jumi.5bn post-project Delay and Disruption claims, from which lessons were learned about how projects really behave. He became Professor at Southampton University, a centre for PRM research, in 2005, and since Director. Terry speaks and write on project modelling, including around 70 PM/OR journal articles and a number of books. He is a PMP and on PMI’s Academic Members Advisory Group.