Christophe Bredillet


Professor Christophe N. Bredillet, PhD, D.Sc has 30 years of experience mainly in the field of Strategy, Programme & Project Management. He is Director General and Chief Scientist of the Centre for Advanced Studies & Research in Project, Programme Portfolio Management (CASR 3PM), International think tank located in Dakar, Senegal. He is Editor of the Project Management Journal. His main interests and research activities are in the field of portfolio, programme & project management (3PM): principles & theories of 3PM, bodies of knowledge & standards, and dynamic of evolution of the field, business dynamics (complexity, uncertainty, and ambiguity). These research activities are grounded on situational, analogical and praxeological approaches and on a constructivist and subjectivist points of view. In both research and professional domains, he is strongly involved with professional project management associations (PMIĀ®, IPMA, APM Group, ICCPM and PMAJ) and research networks (IRNOP, PMIĀ®, EURAM, EIASM, AoM).