Mark Kozak-Holland


As the author behind the “Lessons-from-History” series, Mark brings years of experience as a consultant who helps Fortune-500 companies formulate projects that leverage emerging technologies. Since 1985 he has straddled the business and IT worlds making these projects happen. He is a PMP, certified business consultant, author, and noted speaker. Mark has always been interested in tracing the evolution of technology and the three industrial revolutions of the last 300 years. Whilst recovering a failed Financial-Services project he first used the Titanic analogy to explain to executives why the project had failed. The project recovery took 2 years and m cost versus the original [external/resume.php]m cost and 1 year duration. As a historian, Mark seeks out the wisdom of the past to help others avoid repeating mistakes and to capture time-proven techniques. Education - B.Sc. with Joint-Honours degree in Computer Science and Statistics 1980-1983 (University of Salford, UK).