Projects as Practice

Tomas Blomquist / Markus Hällgren

There have been several voices raised for a refocus on the situated doings in projects to "rethink" and "reclaim" project management, for and from an academic and practitioner audience. This workshop takes its starting point in the assumption that there is a contribution to be made to that end by studying what is done from a so-called "Projects-as-Practice approach"(PasP). A PasP-approach does not require a specific methodology, or setting, but it does require attention to the nitty-gritty details of organizing. Since the approach is still relatively immature the purpose of the workshop is to address questions such as; how the approach contributes to the general discourse on projects, what methodological challenges there is in studying the situated doings, and the normative contributions that can be made. The workshop is structured according to a beehive model for fruitful and lively discussions.