Future of IRNOP

Rolf A. Lundin

Original guidelines were simple: 1) IRNOP was to be an informal network (with no membership fees) having biannual discussion conferences with people who wanted to attend. 2) The network was to focus research and provide a forum primarily for project researchers building on organization theory (or similar) and not necessarily related to the professional organizations. 3) The conference sites (and organizers) were to be decided by the previous organizers but the new organizers decided the form and the contents. Since the beginning of the 90’s when the first IRNOP was held in Lycksele, Sweden the research environment has changed: 1) Publication has become the main focus for researchers. 2) The field has expanded a lot with research conferences in the project field. 3) The project field has increased in practical importance. Is there a future for IRNOP? If yes, why? Is the informal variety viable?