What Constitutes a 'Quality' Graduate Project Management Curriculum?

Vijay Kanabar / Christophe Bredillet / Luc Cassivi / Jonas Söderlund / Harvey Maylor / Roger David Hand Warburton

With the dramatic increase in popularity of project management degree curricula at the Graduate level across the globe there is a need to define a unifying model for a quality project management education, based on engagement with empirical research, and a desire to reach beyond the limitations of the ‘Bodies of Knowledge’. The panelists will present the following: Describe the curriculum model at their universities. Present the complexities that derive from online and distance education models.. Describe the role of certifications such as PMP in the curriculum. Suggest how students are prepared and equipped to conduct original Project Management research in their curriculum. Consider the creation of a graduate project management curricula model. The panelists will welcome input from conference partcipants about their programs as well.