Building a Bridge between Industrial and Organisational Psychology and Project Management

Brian Hobbs / Francois Chiocchio / E Kevin Kelloway / Dr. Roland Foucher

Objective of this panel composed of I/O psychologists is to build a bridge between two research communities. The two fields grow in parallel universes and rarely cross-reference each other. Although a significant amount of research has been conducted on project teams in the I/O field, the literature does not clearly make a distinction between project teams and other teams and does not identify that which is specific to the project context. Project management scholars are more aware of both the organizational context and the importance of stakeholders. Project scholars have recognised the importance of “human factors” for a very long time, but only a small number of papers at the IRNOP 2011 Conference address these issues. I/O psychology is a sub-discipline with a long established research tradition, while project management is an interdisciplinary field in which research has received more attention in recent years.