Developing Valid Scales to Predict Success Factors of Large Complex Projects

Roxanne Zolin / Rodney Turner

When large, complex projects go wrong, as they often do, they can go horribly wrong with severe financial consequences. Project success is evaluated against different criteria by a range of stakeholders over different time scales, from outputs the end of the project to outcomes in the months following project completion; and culminating in the project‟s impact in the years following completion. We asked what leading performance indicators can be measured during project delivery to forecast success as assessed by key stakeholders in the days, months and years following the project. We conducted a scale development study with 152 project managers in large complex projects. We identified two Project Success Factor scales: Success in Project Planning and All Key Stakeholders Engaged. We also found seven Stakeholder Satisfaction Scales: Stakeholder Satisfaction, Supplier Profitability, Contractor Satisfaction, Product Efficiency, Project Executive Satisfaction, Satisfaction with Specifications and Public Stakeholder Satisfaction