Shipbuilding collaboration as a social dilemma

Aukje S. Leufkens / N.G. Noorderhaven

The Dutch shipbuilding industry operates in multi-organization projects. These projects have the characteristics of a social dilemma in which each playerÂ’s behavior can range from cooperative to non-cooperative. In this paper we focus on the interests of the different individuals that participate in these projects. Particularly, how individuals socially construct their interests in a social dilemma setting. In addition, we look at the effect identification with the organization or with the project has on these interests. The empirical analysis is done based on observations and interviews in the Dutch shipbuilding industry. Our aim is to take a first step in the development of a theory on the interplay between the social construction of interests and identification. From our data it appears that the stages of the life cycle of the project have a strong influence on the prevalence of certain social constructions mechanisms of interests over other mechanisms and identifi