Strategy of an investment project and its relationship to corporate strategy

Elisa Vuori / Liisa Sallinen / Inkeri Ruuska

This paper contributes to the discussions on project strategy and corporate venturing by describing an investment project and its strategy in the discourse of corporate venturing. The empirical data consist of a case study on four investments projects, contained in a program in oil industry. Each project is considered to have an own strategy and distinct environment, and project strategy forms as a response to environment. We show how a project has a strategy of its own, and what its relation to the corporate strategy is. Our analysis explains the nature of the two-way relationship between the project and corporate strategy. The results suggest mechanisms of how the projects in the program affected to the corporate strategy. The contributions of the paper are in exposing the strategy-focused content in an investment project, and in suggesting a way to analyze the strategy-focused role of an investment project in internal corporate venturing.