Marching to the Beat of your own Drum: Organizational Culture and Temporary Inter-Organizational Projects

Roland Levering / N.G. Noorderhaven / Leon Oerlemans

This paper combines the insights from an increasing body of literature on temporary inter-organizational projects with insights from research on organizational culture. The general assumptions about culture as being hard to change but a critical factor in many organizational processes create contradictions with regard to temporary inter-organizational projects. The conditions under which organizational cultures will clash or merge in temporary inter-organizational projects are understudied. The question arises what happens when permanent organizations engage in temporary inter-organizational projects. We discuss these conditions based on the central themes time, team, task and context, and explore their influence on the culture concept. By providing a more comprehensive understanding of organizational culture in the context of temporary inter-organizational projects, this study aims to contribute to culture research in the field of projects and temporary organizations. Practical implications are indicated along with directions for future research.