Advancing project and portfolio management research with strategic management theories on resources, competencies, and capabilities

Catherine P Killen / Kam Jugdev / Jonas Söderlund / Nathalie Drouin / Yvan Petit

Research within project management (PM) and project portfolio management (PPM) continues to evolve. In looking for suitable theoretical bases to apply to PM and PPM research, our panel members have turned to the strategic management domain. This session will explore and debate the application of the resource based view (RBV), dynamic capabilities (DC) and absorptive capacity (AC) concepts to PM and PPM research. The goals of this educational and interactive session are to promote the sharing of experiences, encourage critical analysis, and to heighten awareness of theoretical approaches that are currently being applied to PM and PPM research. The session will be conducted by a panel of researchers who have contributed to the field of project and portfolio management through conceptual and empirical papers based on the RBV, DC and/or AC perspectives.