Impact of the Customer's Voice on Project Portfolio Management and its Success – Developing a Conceptual Framework

Martin Voss

Today's business world is increasingly dominated by project work. The growing number of projects in companies requires a holistic management of the project portfolio to ensure strategic alignment and an efficient use of resources. Project portfolio management (PPM) has gained rising attention in theory and practice. In parallel, companies face customers with increasing demands for value creation. The co-creation of value is considered to be a key success factor in the future. Combining these developments, this study proposes customer integration into PPM. It analyzes the portfolio management process to identify interfaces to the customer and it presents customer relationship management as a means for customer integration on portfolio level. Furthermore, it develops a conceptual framework to describe the influence of customer integration into PPM on portfolio success and business success. It offers an approach for customer integration into PPM for practitioners as well as a framework for future empirical research.