Evaluating the Organizational Impact of Projects: Decision Makers' Value Perceptions Before and After Product Development Projects

Miia Martinsuo / Petri Suomala / Juho Kanniainen

Risky product development projects strive for organizational impacts that can be estimated already as part of project evaluations before, during and after the projects. Earlier research has focused on objective evaluation criteria and success measures even if it acknowledges that product development evaluation is quite intuitive and subjective. This paper analyzes decision makersÂ’ value perceptions of organizational impact before and after the project using questionnaire data from 126 risky product development projects. The results show that pre-project value perceptions explain post-project value perceptions significantly and differently for the different value dimensions. Also, the results reveal two moderating effects by using a product development control system, and different product types. We suggest that managersÂ’ initial value priorities have an important role in escalating commitment, such value priorities can be reflected in the use of formal evaluation criteria, and more research is needed on how organizational impacts are achieved during product development.