The Self Aware Project Manager

Mano Nugapitiya / Patrick L. Healy / Spike Boydell

Amid growing concern that the project management body of knowledge (PM BoK) and a large part of the literature does not adequately describe the lived experience of contemporary project management practice, we offer a sociologically enhanced description of the practice of project management. We achieve this in two ways. Firstly, through an examination of a body of literature that has its roots in the interpretive domain. Secondly, we explore project management practice through the lived experience of the project manager. We draw on ideas from the Chicago School of Sociology, including the work of Mead and Cooley on the self. This allows us to develop the intellectual apparatus to illuminate, in part, the lived experience of the project manager. This framework stresses the importance of positioning the project manager's self as an entity, and the other participants subjectively.