Expanding the domain of project management by revisiting its past

Joana Geraldi / Jonas Söderlund / Sylvain Lenfle

The workshop is moved by the belief that history matters and that there is a need for more research into the area of “Project History”. A better understanding of project history helps us to understand challenges and improve the creating, shaping and managing of projects in practice, and to create a common ground among academics both in terms of readings as of cases. We invite you to look back so we can move forward. Instead of academic debates, we propose a dialogue. After thought-provoking presentations on a few classic project management cases and readings, we will reflect about: • What they considered to be the key readings in PM and what are the ‘big ideas’? • What do we learn from historical and monumental projects? • Looking at the past current developments, what could be fruitful roots for the future?