Integrate Ideation and Project Portfolio Management to Improve Corporate Success? A Conceptual Approach to Multi-Project Landscapes

Wilderich Heising

Companies' project landscapes become soaringly complex effective management of single projects isn't sufficient anymore to achieve long term success proactive management of the project landscape as a whole becomes increasingly important. At the front end of projects in the ideation and pre-project phase opportunities are discovered, ideas are created, and the foundation for later project, portfolio and corporate success is laid. This paper contributes to the project management body of knowledge in combining the front end view on projects with the holistic view of managing project portfolio landscapes. This paper focuses on establishing a conceptual framework for integration of ideation and multi-project management (MPM) and lays ground for further empirical research into this field. A primary validation of this framework through interviews with practitioners has taken place. The overarching question I address is how a strategic approach to integrating ideation into multi-project management can facilitate portfolio and eventually corporate success.