Projectification: The Case of the European Union

Sebastian Godenhjelm / Rolf A. Lundin / Stefan Mikael Sjöblom

The focus of this paper is on projectification processes – what forms and dimensions are there of projectification and which are the drivers of projectification. Projectification of the public sector is a fairly recent phenomenon and special concerns of the public sector are raised, scrutinized and exemplified. Are projects a convenient way for the political machinery to control implementation of decisions over administrative levels? Or does projectification cause fragmentation and a democratic deficit as a result of an institutional framework that is incapable of handling it? In particular, the role of the European Union is stressed where the magnitude of project activities is overwhelming in terms of the financial resources involved. The apparatus fabricates guidelines for projects to operate line with EU policies, initiating-, evaluating applications, keeping track of implementation. This paper presents a descriptive discussion of these issues and paves the way for the embryo to a “theory of projectification”