Competencies Sought from Project Manager Job Advertisements

Kamrul Ahsan / Marcus Ho / Sakib Khan

This research examines project manager job competencies based on the human resource literature criteria of knowledge, skills and abilities. We use content analysis to identify employer requirements for project manager positions. We focus on 400 online project management job advertisements in Australia and New Zealand. Analysis shows that in both markets the top five sought after competencies are skill based and they are: communications, stakeholder management, time and cost management, and technical. Cross-country analysis shows that the Australian job market demands more competencies than New Zealand. In Australia, the top competencies sought are cost management and communication, while in New Zealand they are communication and technical skills. Industry-wise data shows that communication is present as one of the top three requirements in construction, IT, engineering, government, and healthcare projects. Overall, this research will help project managers prepare for target jobs, and help recruiters prepare for job advertisements.